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Take ownership of a franchise with Proptexx, the fastest growing real estate imagery and media showcasing portal available. This is your opportunity to offer a professional prop-tech platform within your area and client base. Recurring revenue from sales of real estate focused services as well as a software subscription (SaaS) business model. Be the First in your area to offer this powerful platform! 
Work for yourself. Never by yourself.
The PropTexx Franchise program is built on supporting our franchisees while also encouraging them to carve their own path and mold the business into their own. The opportunity that this brings to you and your business is the “game changer” you have been looking for!
Our goal is to help make your transition toward PropTexx as smooth as possible. Joining forces with the #1 name in real estate "proptech" imagery content won’t require a complete change in professional identity, it simply means you can enhance the business you’ve worked so hard to build. With our tools, resources and guidance to help set you on the right path, we’ve heard it’s common to think, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

In April 2021, a PropTexx franchise in France generated $123,000 in revenue from imagery in their area. What will your revenue be?
  • The Best Of Proptech
Opening a Proptexx franchise allows for your entrepreneurial independence and allows for you to determine the allocation of your hard-earned dollars. Take control of something that has potential for exponential growth and reap the rewards for owning your own Proptech platform.
  • Start a Prop-Tech company in a day
As a Franchisee, we will support and work with you on the features, products, and services you can offer in your area. You become an integrated part of the Proptexx Team and will directly participate in the development and newest features and products we will bring forth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get as a franchisee?
You get everything you see on and with access to your own area admin under a separate url ( We provide you with an email (, our leads in your area go to you, training material is made available to you, your own Stripe account ready to receive your revenue from both SaaS subscriptions as well as imagery purchase, and most importantly the whole support from our team providing you with everything you need to handle the market in your area.
Do I need to be a real estate professional to run a franchise?
Not at all! Remember, we train you from A to Z.  Our business is not a real estate business.  Our business is about imagery and proptech tools with features.
Do you provide me with marketing material?
Yes, you receive ALL the marketing material available and made by PropTexx for you to use in your own market.  You need any specific ones, we have a full team of designers and marketers available to help you out.
If I have a franchise in Hawaii, do I get exclusivity for Hawaii?
We offer exclusivity on case by case basis and mainly dependent on your ability to cover the entirety of that market.  We can explain the options during the onboarding process after we get your application for your area.
Is there a fee involved to become a franchisee?
Yes, fees are $79 a month covering all your recurring structural fees like your email, your server, your marketing material, support, training and any other costs allowing you to run your PropTexx business in your area.  These fees may vary in case of exclusivity for an area and are subject to a case-by-case discussion.  The initial fee to setup your business is $149 (one time only).
So I have a minimum to do to be able to be a franchisee?
The simple answer is NO.  You are your own boss!  We do not tell you how to run your business.  We provide you with all the support you need to run it.
Do I need to have a company to be able to have a PropTexx franchise?
No. You can be a digital nomade or a corporation.  The only thing you need is access to your market.
Do you give me training before I talk with clients?
Yes, we have a training program through Zoom and through videos that explain how PropTexx operates.  We also go over our experience in your market area with information on what has worked and what has not worked.
How soon can I start?
As soon as you fill out the form. We will then evaluate your request and reach out to you within 2-5 business days with the next steps forward
How do I know if my area is free and there are no other PropTexx franchisees around me?
As soon as you fill out the form here we will let you know how we see your market and if there are other PropTexx players around you.  We do that before you are onboarded.
Keep building for years to come.
The Opportunity this business venture brings is exponential and we look forward to seeing your success over the years to come. PropTexx has forged the blueprints for success with years of expertise and a vast global reach that has allowed us, and now you, to build and develop a profitable and growing business!
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